Watching the water off of the Makapu point this morning reminded me of my childhood days of camping. We had a great time catching white crab and cooking them over the fire. We would swim all day into the night and come out of the water all wrinkled. The water shimmered under the rising sun this morning showing off its' beautiful colors of dark and light greens and blues that looked like glass.

The "Honu" (green turtle) that was feeding off the shallow rocks seemed to be enjoying his/herself. But I could not help worry about this turtle getting caught in the fishing net that was a few feet away. Hopefuly this creature would continue a great swim into another day.  Although these waves were not that high yet; they were providing a great time for body boarding.

Most of us here in Hawai'i try to keep our oceans and beaches clean. Yes! It will always take hard work for everyone to keep what good things we have in life from spoiling by mans' hand. To give our children the hope of better things to come.

With his and your higher beings blessings we will strive to make their creations continue to teach us all.