In criminal law physiology it is written that most start off young killing and torching animals. Is 10 to 11 years old too, too young to start? They inhale their surroundings and the treatment of life they are allowed to grow with. When these kids brag they will take a scissors and cut your throat like they did the chicken hen do you believe them? When they tell the adult to her face NO the hen is in the back yard Do You Believe them? When they are asked did you take another hen from the front of the lane and they say YES; I BELIEVE THEM! When you tell them well you killed 3 chicks unborn in the eggs and left one born without their MOTHER; DO THEY GIVE A RIP? NO, they just raise their shoulders saying I DON'T KNOW WHY I DO IT!!!!!! Are we looking forward to new Psycho Killers developing to be a GREAT RISK to other humans and animals around them??? Their PARENTS better WAKE UP!!!! If the neighboring adults do not correct the situation it will be too damp late for everyone and innocent animals. The Hawaii Humane Society will be notified! I will not allow more innocent animals to be killed!!!!!!!!!!!!!