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Posted by Sylvia Perreira on Thursday, October 15, 2009, In : Inner Thoughts 
Laughter is a great tool to heal anything going wrong in your life. When things seem to be getting to me I enjoy watching Americas Favorite Videos or a funny movie like the "Shaggy Dog". I like when things just fall into place when you least expect it.

There are times when the laughter just seems to jump into the day when something goes array. There's nothing like it when I just start laughting at the simplest thing that seems funny. A child finger painting and getting it on other things rath...
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The Ocean

Posted by Sylvia Perreira on Thursday, October 8, 2009, In : Inner Thoughts 

Watching the water off of the Makapu point this morning reminded me of my childhood days of camping. We had a great time catching white crab and cooking them over the fire. We would swim all day into the night and come out of the water all wrinkled. The water shimmered under the rising sun this morning showing off its' beautiful colors of dark and light greens and blues that looked like glass.

The "Honu" (green turtle) that was feeding off the shallow rocks seemed to be enjoying his/herself. B...

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About Me

I have lived all my life in Hawai'i and love it here. I was in the restaurant business for 45 years from management to administration. I have done several poems and short stories within the last few years. I am currently working on doing some craft work with my "Coffee Club Girls". I was also helping out with my friends in our Shave Ice Shop until the end of July 2009. We will be doing craft fairs and football little league games shortly. Being of sound mind I declare my declaration of the enclosed information and my thoughts are merely my views and thoughts of life and for my soul purpose of useage (some of which have already been registered with the US Copy Right Office)



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