Many people do not believe animals feel anything. However, when a dog hangs on to life to see her master one more time before she dies that tells me she feels alot. Loving has no boundaries for animals or people. The love of an animal is only different because their love is unconditional. They will accept their master with all of their faults and go to long lengths to please them.

It is truly sad that people can not learn from our fury companions of this planet. May be we could live together a whole lot better. Yes, mankind is suppose to be better thinkers. However, they have only shown me more mishaps from being greedy then being smart enough to turn our planet around a long time ago.

My hopes are my grandchildren and animals will survie this mishap and better their lives expectations for the future of this planet. Unfortunately, as of right now we have greatly screwed ourselves and this planet. Hopeful thoughts go out to this universe to help mankind make these changes fast and fruitful.