If you could do it over again would you? Things happen for a reason in my life. But I would not change anything that was needed for me to grow into who I am. Even today I continue to grow learning more things about myself and who I am. I no longer run from those who would try to surpress me in any way or form.  I find myself standing my ground in what I believe in. Everyone is entiltled to their own opiones of anything and I can openly say I don't have to agree with it and I am ok with that.

I do not allow anyone or anything to intemmidate the safety of my love ones or myself without a fight. Gudiance of "Life" is merely letting others live their lives the way you would want to live yours. WITHOUT HATE!

Enjoy all you have to be happy about no matter how little that may be. We are here for only a short time. Time to make use of in doing all possilbe to help each other with whatever is needed that you could do.

"911" is only another message of how we are merely here for a short time. Make the most of what time you have left in this life with all of your being who you say you are.