(Poetry Contest entry: April 2012 ~~~ to be published by World Poetry Movement in "Stars In Our Hearts")

He came to me in a dream with no face to be seen. His built was tall, lean, and sleek, with broad shoulders to embrace me. Yet he hovered over me like an Angel.

He who stands to my side; why are you here? He who sings melodies in my ear; where are we going? We fly over the mountains and oceans seeking a glimpse of Peace and Harmony.

Yet we continue to see more cruelty, senseless hate, and more greed for fortune. Are we the guides to change these habits? Let us make a difference one person, one step at a time.

A glow of light now shines through the clouds. He who stands to my side; your face now gleams of tears and a smile. Thank you Lord for your hand in turning us around. Thank you Lord for thy Blessings in forgiving us.

Heavenly Father; Blessed Be...another day to make our Universe better.

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