In this day and age it is so hard to keep the faith that we still have hope and prayers. Many people are in stressful situations that need our faith to kick in and hang on to ride it out. Faith things will turn around for the best for everyone is very hard to believe when things continue to seem to get worse. However, I have been reminded I have received blessings to help me. I think I have it bad when there are many others that have it worst. What a cry baby I am; I wish I could help others worst off more. Sometimes I am able to help a little in person but most of the time it is with my prayers and failth. Continuing to see things get better and people getting more faith in believing the same, how AWESOME!  Yes it takes a lot of time and effort from everyone in this universe to make it happen. One day, one person at a time can only bring stronger faith to save this universe. Maybe some people think I am foolish but I feel without faith we would be living in a hell zone. I will not allow that devil to affect this universe without a fight. I will continue to fight to protect it for all creatures I care about.  Blessed Be, Aloha