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"Out of the Mouths of Babes"

Posted by Sylvia Perreira on Wednesday, January 27, 2010,
Children are heaven sent! They are the most honest creatures on the planet. Ask them a question and you can expect a truely honest response whole heartedly. They may be fooled some of the time but never all of the time. They trust their instincts and can read adults pretty well. With my two grandchildren and their friends I get to laugh with joy at how they respond to the adults around them. Children are our blessings and must continue to be protected against all evils that surround them dail...
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Posted by Sylvia Perreira on Thursday, January 21, 2010,
We humans think we have so much time left in this world. Little do we understand the "Lord's" plan to pick us at anytime to return home. If we could live every day like it's our last may be we could complete our task as desired. What would you do? Should we just continue on the way we have been or should we make a change? I'm tired of trying at times but I keep a trucking. "Believe"; I may be in love but my heart belongs to "God". May I be worthy at my time! This is only my opion.
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"2010" New Beingings"

Posted by Sylvia Perreira on Wednesday, January 6, 2010,

Changes come with every New Year we receive in this life time. May this year be better in every aspect of life for all of those I care about and love (as well as myself). "Blessed Be" to all who proceed forward with their new ventures in this life time. Let us work harder then before to accomplish our goals old and new with our lord or higher being etc., with us.   

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I have lived all my life in Hawai'i and love it here. I was in the restaurant business for 45 years from management to administration. I have done several poems and short stories within the last few years. I am currently working on doing some craft work with my "Coffee Club Girls". I was also helping out with my friends in our Shave Ice Shop until the end of July 2009. We will be doing craft fairs and football little league games shortly. Being of sound mind I declare my declaration of the enclosed information and my thoughts are merely my views and thoughts of life and for my soul purpose of useage (some of which have already been registered with the US Copy Right Office)



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