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"Gobs and Goobs"

Posted by Sylvia Perreira on Tuesday, August 31, 2010,
‎By Dana V. Park president of the 1966 Kaimuki High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) as written in my year book:

Feel the fun of laughter still to be heard of seniors times filled with pleasure still warm and welcoming the sure the invincible feathery, mild dove whose red with time and sore to the touch reflect on what is gone on what is and what is to come.


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Unemployments Extention Confussion

Posted by Sylvia Perreira on Monday, August 2, 2010,
News Media break president Obama signs new extention to total 99 weeks nation wide confirmed in writing. However, upon receiving my last check it was short one week. In speaking to one of the staff of the Hawai'i Unemployment office I was informed Hawai'i does not qualify for funds even if I have been informed in writing changeing my claim dates. This was not noted in the media release that I heard. Help me to understand anyone!  Just had to vent in trying to understand why the people of Hawa...
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About Me

I have lived all my life in Hawai'i and love it here. I was in the restaurant business for 45 years from management to administration. I have done several poems and short stories within the last few years. I am currently working on doing some craft work with my "Coffee Club Girls". I was also helping out with my friends in our Shave Ice Shop until the end of July 2009. We will be doing craft fairs and football little league games shortly. Being of sound mind I declare my declaration of the enclosed information and my thoughts are merely my views and thoughts of life and for my soul purpose of useage (some of which have already been registered with the US Copy Right Office)



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