Aloha, Bill Cohen:

U gave me your card and flyer today (04/27/10) at the Kapahulu Safeway store. My tattoo represents my ancestry (family history it steems from the family of the "Royal Hawai'ian Ole" (chanters of the Alii court), from the snowy moutains of Japan, the homeland of Portgues Bean soup, and the inter-mix marriages of American Indians and Portaricans. I believe the 7 I have on my back describe who I am the best. Most locals have meaning for their tattoos but we also have people like Lindsay who just go with their flow. Many families have several signs that make up their families even as far as the Scotish Clan "Duncan" like me. May you have a great trip home and safe one. I hope your viewers enjoy the tag and information.
Inked by Joseph Garcia, Trigger Happy Tattoo. Eagle, Dragonfly, Bear Paw, Turtle, Wolf, Buffalo, and Shark.  Aloha