Some would tell u they had a feeling of warmth surrounding them like arms hugging them. That they feel at peace just sitting & viewing the skies or their surroundings. How would u discribe "Grace" for your situation? For me it is seeing my ancestors and how they dealt with daily life. How our land and oceans were abundant with life for the "Hawai'ian" people. How simple happiness came from just singing, dancing, sports and gatherings of family and friends. Sliding down a mud slide on T-leafs or cardboards on a grass slope. Playing in a waterfall that was a whole lot cleaner than now. Watching my cats play with each other. Remembering the growth of my children developing their own charter. Remembering the skits put on during my childhood with my siblings; and how my parents laughed at them. I believe "Grace" is found in many ways for each of us. Lets try not to waste any time in finding it; "Life is too short to waste". Blessed Be and Aloha ^J^:)